Accommodation strategy - what is it and who will provide it?

When any project begins, one of the first activities that will take place is the production of the accommodation strategy. This is a development of the brief, and it identifies, in qualitative and quantitative terms the kind of space that will be suitable for your organisation. The first consideration will be to establish the space requirements of your company. Whether a one-man-band or a multinational organisation, there is an optimum quantity and type of accommodation that will allow the business to function efficiently. Too little space or the wrong type will lead to obvious problems but too much can be just as draining financially on a business. The process of finding out just what is required is known as an accommodation study, space audit or space analysis. The result is known as an accommodation strategy.

You need to develop an accommodation strategy to find out what kind of space you need. This can be provided by many of the professionals that are going to be involved in the project. You need, therefore, to decide what kind of firm is going to do this. Your decision will depend on what form of contract or procurement route you choose.

Although it might seem a little to soon to start thinking about the form of contract that would be best, you need to make the decision now. This is because space planners who can produce your accommodation strategy can be found in a number of different kinds of company, from specialist space planning firms to design and build companies. The form of contract will determine where you acquire these services.

Change in the office is a major event in the life of any company. Badly planned or implemented projects can cause immeasurable damage to productivity. This means that it is essential to get the process right, appoint the right team of professionals and set the right objectives.

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